Thursday, 2 May 2013

For me it is very difficult to read and believe on a blog without knowing the person who wrote it (the author). Due to thousands of blogs and paid blog postings I don’t care what these blogs shout about. I only believe on the posts that are written by someone about whom I know something… like his/her background, career, family or lifestyle etc. This might be the case with you so I would like to introduce myself inside a short paragraph here.

I am a simple housewife blessed with two wonderful kids and a loving husband. As a housewife I always had lot of free time to do something creative and innovative. Being an arts student in my bachelors I am much attracted towards creative things and then later I gained masters degree in Business administration (after marriage). This changed my view and forced me to think in a way to profitable business. Slowly I started searching for some earning ideas over internet. I remember in my first 8 months I wasted around $290 in online jobs website packages. I used to search for best online job provider and whenever I find a shiny website showing big dreams (home, car, luxury etc), I used to get excited and put the dollars into their pocket expecting that this would give me great monthly income. But to be very true all those did nothing except filling their own pockets with loads of cash.

It’s been almost 5 years since I am active in the “Online Jobs” industry and today I can say I know all the even & odds of this field. Now I am earning a decent monthly income with all my online activities since last few years. That’s why I am posting this article to help others specially those who are new in this area.

A lot of you must have wondered about, “Are these jobs for real?”

The answer is very simple, “Depends on your expectations”. Yes very true… if you are thinking that you will become rich in next 1-2 months, then you probably are fooling yourself. Plan your work. Go step by step. Internet based work can provide you with a good consistent regular income but you too will have to put in some efforts 

You Too Can Make Big but Go Step by Step. 

Where are the right resources?

After so many trial and errors, I have realized one thing for sure; the most important step in going for a work at home option is “choosing the right place”.  If you don’t start in the right direction, things may become quite difficult to understand and complicated too. 

I too started with disappointment but I knew one thing for sure that money can be made online. I kept my patience and today I can say my decision was not wrong at all. I can give more time to my family, support my husband financially and above all… live a happy life. 

Today I am successfully earning with 3-4 different online work at home programs. It was a little confusing in the start. But one website that really helped in see things clearly was “EJobsJunction”. They genuinely helped me to start off in the right direction. As a beginner we all stare at a big question, “where to start?” Well… these guys can be a answer to it

My Earnings With Various Online Jobs  

By Starting with


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If you are wondering from where you can start your quest with work at home jobs, you must take a look at the website also. I am not saying they are the only one, but yes they are equally resourceful. No Big talks, No Unrealistic promises…. just plain simple work.  If you are a beginner planning to take online income opportunities for the very first time, this could be one place where you get everything under one single platform. 

EJobsJunction - My Personal Experience

 1. Will save a hell lot of your time you otherwise would have spent in searching online opportunities.
2.  With Video Demos it really becomes easy to follow things and start quick
3.  Case studies of various members and how they are earning well
4.  Support is a bit slow (takes approx 36-48 hrs for them to reply) but yes, they reply to every single query.
5.  You can earn really well BUT if you are thinking of becoming rich overnight, this is not for you. 

Free Programs vs Paid Programs

Well if you want your inbox to be spammed with tons of mails daily, go for a free option. Let’s be realistic. These free offers are actually a way to get your initial subscription in their newsletter and then slowly spam you with various paid subscriptions and other useless offers. You will end up getting more confused and will ultimately think that nothing works.

There are reliable websites which asks for a basic subscription fee (less than a cost of movie ticket or a meal with family) and in turn give you the right resources and support. These subscriptions are generally for lifetime and you won’t be re-billed ever.  And most importantly, they will Never Spam You. 

My Personal Conclusion on “work at home” jobs:

If you really want to make money, you can make money. Yes, there are some so called scams or money rotation schemes, but there are genuine opportunities too. If you are ready to put in efforts, you can make a mark.  It will require initial efforts but with time you can really earn well. Biggest benefit of internet based work is that you can do it from anywhere and almost everywhere, you can do it anytime and all you need is access to internet. Being a housewife I am satisfied with what I am earning (still I want to make it BIG!).

Suggestion: Always follow these 2 thumb rules:

1.     Honest Efforts
2.    Keep little Patience

There are many genuine resources to start online jobs. I found mine with EJobsJunction. If you too are planning to venture in online jobs industry, do check them out too.

There are many genuine resources to start online jobs. I found mine with EJobsJunction. If you too are planning to venture in online jobs industry, conseder them also an as option. You can get further details from their website EJobsJunction

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