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I am having lots of queries in email and on blog comments and many people are asking for the help. I am sorry to all you respected people out there, i really would feel great to help you all but due to my family responsibilities and other things I can;t manage to help each one of you. Even i tried to help few of you like John, Rohan, Swati from Mumbai,  Mr. Awasthi ji and Renuka who is now my dearest friend :) i love her... but I am still willing to be with all you amazing people out there.
I searched and i found there are many other people like me who have posted about this site on their blogs few are
created by Mr. Kunal he is a great guy,

My another dear friend who is a housewife she posted on here
and may be many more.

One of the amazing young guy is Paripoorn he is a designer but he is also working with those programs you can see his post
I think this guy can help all of you as he is also doing some online classes, as given in this post

I would refer all of you who are interested in working online in such programs to these great people who are doing well, they might help you out.
My aim to post this information is to help all needy people and spread happiness :) 

Still I am always here for you..! Thanks for reading.

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